Featured: Dirk Campbell. Paul Johnson, Adam Bushell. Instruments in order of appearance: fujaras, duduk, cornemuse, tabor, zampogna, davul, zurna, dudy. Filmed by Dahlan Lassalle with Raphaella Sapir and Lilliane Simonson

Kalamus is from the Greek for 'reed'. Most wind instruments either derive from it or use it in some form. The earliest musicians discovered the principles of wind music from the reed cane and adapted them to instruments of wood, clay, bone and other materials. These earliest instruments are still played today all over the world — flutes, reedpipes, shawms, bagpipes — we love them!

Pictured: Dirk Campbell and Paul Johnson

m p 3 s

'Bretonsko Oro' (Campbell)

Gaida, veuze

'Stones of Plouhinec'

(Campbell) Veuze, doyre, dudy,zampogna

'Katou Sta Rodha' (trad, Greece) Laouto, toumbeleki, violin, voice

'Ekillin Fra Alverhamri'

(trad, Iceland) voice, harp, bodhran, kantele

Mezoued tunes (trad, Algeria) Mezoued, percussion

Es Gisher Lusnak Gisher (trad, Armenia) duduks, dhol

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