Dirk Campbell



I have written a few articles over the years which people have been so kind as to say they find interesting, so I have posted them here:

Gaelic Music and Art

A discussion of the corollary between the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland and their traditional art. Fully illustrated.

Impressions of La Zahara

An account of my visit to a contemporary Sufi centre in southern Spain in August 1999

In Armenia with Djivan Gasparian

A travelogue of my visit to Armenia in August 2000 including time spent with the legendary duduk virtuoso Djivan Gasparian

Subud and Sufism

The once-controversial but now generally ignored spiritual movement, Subud, was treated disparagingly by Idries Shah in his 1970 book The Way of the Sufi – or was it? Is Subud really a Sufi spinoff as Shah claims?

The Anishinabe Legacy

An account of a mind-expanding visit to the Saginaw Chippewa reservation, Michigan, in October 2006

Encounters with Greek Bagpipers

Adventures in Greece in the early 1990s, first published in Chanter, December 1993

Building Brand Loyalty

The spread of all the major religions has required strong brands from the outset. Logo, corporate identity, endorsements, free offers, unique selling proposition (USP) and perhaps most important of all: story.


In addition to my work as a composer, session player and sample library creator, I also offer lectures on Music in Remote Antiquity, Gaelic Music and Art, Bagpipes of the World and Introducing Ethnic Music into Western Composition. Lectures have been given since 2006 at Goldsmiths College, Bath Spa University, Out of the Ordinary, Stars and Stones, Megalithomania, Ancient History Forum and Changing Times.


A duo with Jan Hendrickse. We recorded an album in 2006 for Hermes Records called Safar. The material includes arrangements of traditional tunes from the Balkans and Turkey that I have picked up over the years. Performances are on kaval, ney, duduk, kora, laouto, gaida, fujara, filimbi, uilleann pipes and percussion. You can audition shortened versions of these tracks on this page.


Between the ages of 23, when I gave up the idea of making a career as a progressive rock musician, and 38, when I got my first advertising music commission, I worked in graphic design. In the last few years graphics has been coming back: logos, posters, web pages, CD covers, press ads and a beer label.