My skills as a composer, such as they are, are augmented by my experience in a wide variety of instrumental traditions. I have studied the traditional music and instrumental techniques of Ireland, Scotland, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Sardinia, Calabria, Algeria, Egypt, sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, India, Indonesia and China. I have studied with Hariprasad Chaurasia, Djivan Gasparian, Ayub Ogada, Giannis Aramatanidis, and with musicians from the Kurdish, Iranian and Albanian communities in London. I have lectured at Goldsmiths College, Bath Spa University, London Metropolitan University and Brighton Early Music Festival.

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2016 Hamlet (RSC, dir. Simon Godwin, comp. Sola Akingbola) tambin, nyatiti, bansuri, kaval

2014/15 Indian Summers (Channel 4, dir. Anand Tucker, comp. Stephen Warbeck) bansuri, duduk

2013 Long Walk to Freedom (dir. Justin Chadwick, comp. Alex Heffes) bansuri, kora

2011 Marat/Sade (RSC, dir. Anthony Neilson, comp. Khayyam Alami) ney, duduk, arghul, zurna

2011 The Promise (C4, dir. Peter Kosminsky, comp. Debbie Wiseman) duduk, ney

2010 Morte D'Arthur (RSC, dir. Greg Doran, comp. Adrian Lee) harp, shawm, cornu, kaval, duduk, cornemuse, Irish flute

2010 Joanna Lumley's Nile (BBC1, comp. Debbie Wiseman) duduk, ney

2010 12th Night (RSC, dir. Greg Doran, comp. Paul Englishby) bansuri, kaval, duduk

2010 Eagle of the Ninth (dir. Kevin MacDonald, comp. Alex Heffes) animal horns, primitive trumpets

2009 Agora (dir. Alejandro Amenábar, comp. Dario Marianelli) duduk

2009 Peter Pan (dir. Ben Harrison, comp. Ben Wallfisch) duduk

2009 State of Play (dir. Kevin MacDonald, comp. Alex Heffes) duduk

2009 'Nature's Great Events' with David Attenborough  (BBC2, comp. Ben Salisbury) duduk, American native flute

2009 'Iran and the West' (BBC2, comp. Samuel Sim) duduk

2008 'Survivors' (BBC1, comp. Edmund Butt) duduk, suling

2008 'I'll be the Devil' RSC Tricycle Theatre (dir. Ramin Gray, comp. Peter Cowdrey): Celtic wire-strung harp, gaida, dudy, early English bagpipes, uilleann pipes, zampogna, mezoued

2008 'The Passion' (BBC1 dir. Michael Offer, comp. Debbie Wiseman): duduk

2008 'The House of Saddam' (BBC1, comp. Samuel Sim): duduk, ney

2007 'Summer Heat' (Independent feature, comp. Christian Henson): kora

2007 'Caotica Ana' (independent feature, comp. Jocelyn Pook): ney, duduk, Native American flute

2007 'Sa Majesté Minor' (dir. Jean-Jacques Annaud, comp. Javier Navarette): kaval, duduk, nyatiti

2006 'The Last King of Scotland' Oscar and BAFTA winner (dir. Kevin Macdonald, comp. Alex Heffes): nyatiti, filimbi

2006 'The Virgin Queen' (BBC2, comp. Martin Phipps): kaval, duduk, kora

2006 'Julius Caesar' RSC Stratford and Ann Arbor, USA (dir. Sean Holmes, comp. Adrian Lee): zurna, arghoul, filimbi, kaval, cornu, duduk, flutes

2005 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' (Warner, comp. Patrick Doyle): duduk, Turkish kaval, Highland bagpipes

2003–2006 'The Veil of the Temple' (Sir John Tavener) London, New York, Amsterdam, Brighton: duduk

2002 'Pericles' RSC London Round House and RST Stratford (dir. Adrian Noble, comp. Shaun Davey): gaida, duduk, ney, kaval, clarinet

2002 'The Roman Actor' RSC Stratford and Gielgud Theatre London (dir. Greg Doran, comp. Adrian Lee): ney, bansuri, Indian shawm, orchestral flutes, clarinet, harp, percussion etc.

2000 'Fall and Resurrection' (Sir John Tavener) St Paul's Cathedral: kaval

1999 'Tales from Ovid' RSC Stratford and Strasbourg (dir. Tim Supple, composer Adrian Lee): ney, bansuri, Indian shawm, orchestral flutes, percussion etc.

1998 'Colour Blind' (ITV, composer Alan Parker) uilleann pipes

1998 'Ronin' (MGM, comp. Elia Cmiral): duduk

1997 'The Thirteenth Warrior' (Disney, comp. Graham Revell): uilleann pipes, whistle, medieval bagpipes

DUDUK Indian Summers, Marat/Sade, The Promise, 12th Night, Eagle of the Ninth, Agora, Peter Pan, State of Play, The Virgin Queen, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Veil of the Temple, Roninduduk.html
I'll Be The Devil,
The 13th Warrior, Eagle Island, The Wingless BirdUilleann_pipes.html
BANSURI Indian Summers, Long Walk to Freedom, 12th Night, Caotica Ana, Julius Caesar, The Roman Actorbansuri.html
KORA Summer Heatkora.html
NEY Marat/Sade, The Promise, Survivors, The House of Saddam, RSC Pericles/The Roman Actor/Tales From Ovidney.html
NYATITI The Last King of Scotlandnyatiti.html
ZURNA RSC Marat/Sade, Julius Caesar/Roman Actorzurna.html
SULING Survivorssuling.html

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Dirk Campbell's kora and nyatiti are made by Les Sherwood of Adaptatrap, Brighton, England

Dirk Campbell